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Goldtooth, Verlynn Principal
Tsosie, Nancy Counselor
Joe, Rozzanne Attendance Clerk
Scott, Shannon Administrative Assistant
Baloo, Marenda Health Aide

Baker, Patrick Music
Begay, Margie Alternative Education & RTR
Button, Zac Social Studies
Forrester, Josie Special Education Support
Forrester, Marcus Construction
Forster, Mark Weight Training
Gagnon, Michael History teacher (World and U.S.)
Goldtooth, Toni Math Teacher
Goodluck, Teddy Agriculture
Hute, Loria Nursing
Klein, Mark Special Education
Krause, Rick PE/Health
Lynch, Mary Drop Out Prevention Coordinator
McCarrell, Amanda Culinary Arts
Mighells, Marjorie Government/Economics
Mitchell, Dorothy Self Contained/Life Skills
Monemou, CeCe Chemistry
Nez, Annalise Algebra 1/Geometry
Spiers, Dora Welding 1,2,3 and Craftskills
Yazzie, Alice Library
Yazzie, Eutanya CTE/Fundamentals of Allied Health
Yazzie, Tiarra Graphic/Web Design

Begay, Margie Alternative Education & RTR
Forrester, Josie Special Education Support
James, Gloria Food Service Staff
Noggle, Stuart Instructional Coach
Old Bear, Verna Teaching Assistant
Tabaha, Dorinda Teaching Assistant
Yazzie, Alice Library