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I am Ms. Margie Begay, I’m of the Naakaii’Dine’e (Mexican People) clan and born for Tse’Deeshgizhnii (Rock Gap) clan.  My maternal grandfathers are Naaneesht’ezhi Tabaaha (Zuni Edge Water clan) and my paternal grandfathers are Chishi Dine (Chiricahua Apache clan).

I’m a proud mother of three daughters and live in New Lands.

I oversee the Responsible Thinking Classroom and In-School Suspension here at Valley High School.  I have been in the School District for the past 11 years and going on 12 years.  I had the opportunity to work at all three school, working with student discipline.

I encourage positive behavior for the safety of all students within and around the school premises.  I support students in learning to take responsibility for their behavior and continue to learn and make changes in their lives to obtain quality education here at Valley High School.

If you have any questions on your child’s behavior records, please contact me at 928/688-4241.  Let’s work together and make this a successful school year for all students at Valley High School.


Thank you,

Ms. Margie Begay