Subjects Taught
English 11, English 12


Associate's Degree, Landmark College, Putney, Vermont - - 2009

BA, English, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, Massachusetts - - 2012


I've waited tables.  I spent two summers working as a gas attendant at a marina in upstate South Carolina.  I've also worked retail for a small stint.  

Last year, I worked Special Education in rural Alaska.  My duties required me to spend time among four schools, and the lack of roads meant I flew from village to village each week.  I learned quickly to take plane schedules with a grain of salt; the weather often kept planes on the ground, and often enough, the planes wouldn't even leave just because too few people or too little mail needed to be moved.  I loved my students, and everyone with whom I worked helped me cope with the unexpected stresses of living and working in such an unexpected place.  


Peter Riley Swanson.  Born in late October to Scott and Betsy.  Youngest of three; sister Meghan, brother Jeremiah.  Grew up in Walhalla, South Carolina.

I believe it was twelfth grade when I decided I wanted to be a teacher.  I loved my English class, and I always enjoyed working in groups and helping my peers.  But more than anything else, I wanted to work a job in which I could spend all day every day talking about letters and how best to understand and use them.  

I took my time getting through school, and after I earned my English degree, I waited tables for a couple years, not yet prepared to face the reality and responsibility of being a full adult.  It was then that I found a job opportunity to teach Special Education in Alaska, and though this was a far cry from teaching English, I could not pass up the chance to go on such an adventure and more or less drop off the face of the planet.

After a year of enduring the cold and dark of the tundra while performing a job so far from my content area, I stumbled upon Sanders, and I have enjoyed my English classes from the moment I introduced myself to my students.  Though I possess more than a few eccentricities, and a few doses of straight up crazy, I feel as though my somewhat unorthodox approach to teaching connects with my students.  I have fun with my job, and my students' growth remains my highest priority.