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Subjects Taught
U.S. History


My name is Zachary Button.  This is my first year at Valley High School.  I was born and raised in central Massachusetts, where I completed my high school education and my bachelor’s degree in history, with a focus on secondary education.  

Working with children has always been my passion.  Whether it was through coaching and officiating athletics, working in an overnight summer camp or by working in various schools as a sub or paraprofessional, most of my jobs thus far in my life have revolved around child services.

Educating children in History has been my dream for over 10 years.  Along with that, being involved in a school setting is something that I have done and cared about since I was a middle school student.  Now at Valley High, I have been given the opportunity to do this in a number of ways.  I have been announcing our home football and volleyball games this season, and have elected to be the Senior Class co-sponsor with Ms. Toni Goldtooth.  Additionally, I will be taking on the Varsity coaching position of the boy’s basketball team this upcoming season.

I love being a part of Valley High, and am absolutely honored to have been given the opportunity to come across the country and share my experiences and knowledge with the children here.  GO PIRATES!