Bristol Community College (2008 to 2011)

  • Elementary Education (Associate's degree)

Bridgewater State University (2012 to 2015)

  • History (Bachelor's)

  • Student taught in Fall River Public Schools in 2011
  • Worked as a paraprofessional in Seekonk Public Schools from 2013 to 2016
  • Worked as a tutor at Bristol Community College New Bedford from 2013 to 2016


My name is Michael Gagnon.

I have had an interest in teaching history since 2007. After graduating from Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School in 2008 I began taking college courses at Bristol Community College in Fall River. This experience proved vital to my future career as an educator. After failing a math class in the fall of 2009 I retook it in the spring of 2010. The professor I had when I took it a second time around was incredibly helpful and made a difference in me passing his class leading me to realize how vital teachers are in our society.

After graduating from Bristol Community College in 2011 with magna cum laude honors I started taking history courses at Bridgewater State University. The majority of the courses I took had a world history focus to them, for example Islamic Civilization to 1400, Medieval Church, or Indian Ocean World. Here too I excelled graduating in 2015 with cum laude honors. Although I took other courses at Bridgewater State University I have had a passion for history from an early age.

The areas of history that I am interested in most regarding history are areas that can be applied to our current world today. For example, you could relate the Cold War to our current relations with Russia (although there are large differences as well). I am also interested in the two world wars of the 20th century and how they created our modern world today. To me history is not a collection of facts but instead can serve as a valuable resource when looking at the world and what is happening on it.