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Michael  Gagnon
History teacher (World and U.S.)
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Bristol Community College (2008 to 2011)

  • Elementary Education (Associate's degree)

Bridgewater State University (2012 to 2015)

  • History (Bachelor's)

  • Student taught in Fall River Public Schools in 2011
  • Worked as a paraprofessional in Seekonk Public Schools from 2013 to 2016
  • Worked as a tutor at Bristol Community College New Bedford from 2013 to 2016
  • Taught in Sanders Unified School District from 2016 to present


My name is Michael Gagnon.

I'm originally from Massachusetts but taught World History in Sanders in 2016 and began teachinng one class of U.S. History in 2017. Part of my educational philosophy are rigorous standards in the classroom. The more our students are challenged the more I believe that they will grow academically and be better prepared for the future. 

Besides my qualifications from teaching in the district for the past three years I have also earned a history bachelor's from Bridgewater State University. The majority of the courses I took relate to the content I am teaching including Indian Ocean World, Islamic Civilization to 1400, and Modern Africa (among others). In addition to these qualifications I also have visited many historical sites within Massachusetts related to US History including the Freedom Trail, Boston Massacre Site, and the USS Constitution. Besides these areas I have also visited other historical sites related to American history including Valley Forge and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Visiting these sites has allowed me to greater appreciate history than a collection of facts in a textbook. To me, history is relevant to our modern lives (for example, compare the Cold War with our ongoing quarrels with Russia). The more my students understand history the more prepared I feel they will be able to understand the world around them. Besides understanding our world today the thinking, research, and writing skills  found in a history course will also prepare students regardless of what path they may choose.